Rediscovery is music as you've never heard and seen in your entire life. A dive you into voices, stories, ages.
Rediscovery was born from an idea by Federico Sacchi, musicteller, i.e., someone who "tells music". As a passionate storyteller with an outstanding knowledge of music, Federico Sacchi is able to revive characters and situations with the only power of words. His extraordinary talent serves today as a the first step of the journey we call Rediscovery.

Rediscovery means immersive cross-media narration, both live and via the web. Rediscovery is an innovative cultural cross-media format where original technologies blend with your listening experience, a live documentary made up of storytelling, music, sound, videos and drama.

Rediscovery is a different story of music. The story of Italian and international music protagonists forgotten or mystified by the general public. The account by Federico Sacchi brings back those artists along with their past, projecting them into the future.

Rediscovery is here. Your rediscovery starts now.

Rediscovery is a project run by Docabout within ORA! LINGUAGGI CONTEMPORANEI, PRODUZIONI INNOVATIVE program, with the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT,sponsored by the Municipality of Torino, the Municipality of Genova, and with the support of Barberine production and Torino Piemonte Film Commission.